Perchè scegliere Isabella come guida a Firenze?

    Ecco la sua presentazione in inglese per il sito…impossibile non sceglierla..!

    I am an excellent private guide to this breath-taking city for at least three reasons:

    1) I have lived here my entire life, and Florence is my element.
    2) I have been leading guided tours in Florence since 2006, as an Italian teacher to foreign students first, and a qualified tour guide later.
    3) I am an art historian as well, as passionate as I am skilled, and my field of expertise is Florentine Renaissance painting.


    What else? I am an extremely happy mum now! Which has taught me patience, resilience, flexibility, and makes me ADORE working with children.

    My mother has passed down her passion for art to me when I was a little girl. This passion, eventually, turned into a degree with first-class honours in Art History at the University of Florence (Università degli Studi di Firenze). Thanks also to postgraduate scholarships, I specialised in Florentine Renaissance painting, with most of my research published in articles or books!



    anno 2019


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